business meetings, with kids

My lovelies have been attending business meeting since they were babies.

Working for yourself, in your own business, there are times when it’s just the only logistical option. Dragging your halflings with you, with all their paraphernalia, your laptop and loads of positive energy is not always ideal, but it is OK.

Don’t panic. Clients are people too. They know children, or know people who know children… and most of the time are quite curious to meet your offspring.

Well, it’s advisable that said offspring be prepared for a successful outcome.

For babies – pick the time of day well.

For toddlers and older kids, here’s a few tips:

  • tell them: keep it short and friendly, tell them they are going to work with you, speak about how they will be ‘representing’ you at the client’s office, how important this meeting is to you, and to them – they need food, clothes, a house and interesting outings.
  • fix each child a container of brainfood: apple, banana, carrots, mandarin, nuts or whatever they love and is not a pain to clean up incase it falls all over said client’s fluffy carpet.
  • take activities: pen and paper, new colouring pages, books… if it’s a long one perhaps the iPhone/iPad with a new game as backup.
  • on arrival, introduce everyone: after the hello’s set them up. preferably in your line of sight so you can throw the watchful eye without distracting the client.

Most importantly, start with small/short meetings. Need to drop by the client’s office and pick up or drop off something, string them along for the experience, my kids love it.

These days people are way more relaxed to show their human side. As long as they know you deliver impeccable service, a kiddo or two in the equation does not make a difference, in fact, it may just provide an extra ‘bonding’ factor!